About US

Niyo Cultural Centre/ Art Gallery is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting street children and single mothers living in poverty in Rwanda. Our aim is to change lives through utilizing our artistic gifts- allowing us to provide basic necessities such As: education, health care, shelter, food.

Our Founder: Niyonsenga Pacifique

I am NIYONSENGA Pacifique, the founder of the Niyo Cultural Centre. I lived on the streets of Kigali from the of age 6 until I was 12, when I was lucky enough to meet a Canadian missionary named Bruno who befriended me and helped me through school. As an adult, it is my goal that every child living in poverty in Kigali has the same opportunity to reach their potential as I had. I used my 17 years of drumming, dance, and art experience to support to start Niyo, which now supports 125 children living in poverty in Kigali.



This is another way of generating funds for our organization through tourism. We take the people to a safari or gorilla trekking tours; we show them the beauty of our country and help manage their trips to Rwanda. The profits from our tourism services goes towards our charitable activities.

Niyo Foundation